1.  Needs Analysis

Analyze the challenges unique to the organization and the role. Who do you need? How will they contribute? What would determine success for the candidate hired? What is the organizational culture to help ensure the candidate will “fit” in well?


2.  Jointly Determine How to Best Present Your Opportunity

We need to know your “story”. This is fundamental in being able to move the passive candidate to consider your opportunity. Once crafted, share the “Opportunity Presentation” with client for review.


3.  Determine Search Strategy

Conduct research on Target Companies and Candidates. Develop a road map to identify potential target candidates, and individually match against client criteria.


4.  Attract and Evaluate Candidates

Conduct In-Depth Candidate Interviews. Beyond having appropriate background and experience, are they viable and mentally prepared to make a change?

5.  Present Most Qualified Candidates for Client Interviews

Source from 50 to 200 candidates, and present only those that are most qualified and viable. When presenting candidates we share their resume and “Candidate Qualification” form. This allows you more information to make better decisions on whom to interview.


6.  Prepare Candidate and Client for First Interviews

No surprises make for a better interview, and allow a better examination of the real issues. After which, helping to uncover any remaining concerns on both sides to better facilitate moving forward, or not.


7.  Complete the Search

Once client has selected its preferred candidate – conduct thorough reference checks as requested. Assisting in negotiations to help make offer, and gain candidate acceptance. (Generally we attempt to have our candidates “pre-closed”, ready and mentally committed within 48 hours of offer). We have over 90% closure rate when we present the offer directly.


8.  Follow up with Client and New Hire

Remain in close contact with all parties for several weeks to help facilitate a smooth transition, and deal with any issues that may come up along the way. (Counter offer preparation, relocation issues, etc…). Finally, celebrate a job well done.