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Delivering exceptional candidates and Recruiting the Unrecruitable is our forte. Engaging CorpSearch to “hunt” out the ideal candidate who is happily employed elsewhere can make a significant long-term difference to the success of your team.  The team at CorpSearch is committed to the relentless pursuit of “Difference Makers” and aligning them with the appropriate companies.  Contact us today to get started.

Here is why others choose CorpSearch:
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of hiring CorpSearch to place a candidate with my company over the traditional approach of using job boards?

Traditional advertising is designed to reach candidates who are either unemployed, unhappy or actively looking to leave their current company. (Often times there’s a reason behind it that isn’t always positive). CorpSearch has relationships with candidates who are experts in their fields and aren’t currently interviewing, but who may be open to the right position when skillfully and professionally presented with new career options. The result is a candidate who is driven but not desperate or unhappy, and may be the perfect fit for the position that you would not have had an opportunity to hire otherwise.  Nearly 70% of our placements result in candidates who are still with our client company five years later, and many over twenty years.

Does CorpSearch have a defined search process?

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are a “Search Firm” and not one that churns and markets candidates all day long like some of our competitors. Unlike many recruiting firms who use a shot-gun approach in marketing mediocre candidates, we take our time to get to know those individuals we have meticulously selected for each search. Our successful 8 Step Search Process  combined with the professionalism and attention to quality exercised by our executive search consultants, serves our clients well with our no-nonsense approach to getting the job done right.

How can CorpSearch help companies that are located in cities other than its own?

While our headquarters are in Orlando, Florida, the majority of our client base is distributed all over the country. However, over 90% of the placements we make require no/limited relocation. We are meticulous at turning every rock in the regional market to help eliminate the cost for relocation, and it makes life easier for all parties involved. (Of course that often depends on the complexity of the search).

We have formed partnerships with leading companies throughout the nation, and have built our network of clients and candidates one relationship at a time over the past twenty years. Much of our business comes from referrals. Click here to view comments from our clients across the nation. We’re proud of our good reputation and hope that we have the opportunity to be of service to you.

Does CorpSearch conduct searches outside your areas of focus?

For many of our clients we have become the “go-to” recruiting source for their “challenging” talent needs across their company. The search process we take is the exact same whether in one of our areas of focus or not, and our clients are pleased with the results time after time. In those cases, our clients are thrilled that they have one firm they trust can handle all of their critical needs and have full confidence in our abilities to deliver consistent results.

Those areas include:  Accounting, Audit, Compliance, Finance, Marketing, Manufacturing, Product Development/Management, Procurement, Quality, Supply Chain and International Placement to name a few…

What is CorpSearch candidate screening and profiling process?

We examine candidates extensively over the course of many conversations to determine their skillset, interests, goals and personality to make sure they are properly aligned with the specifics of the search requirements and company culture. Furthermore we have every recruited candidate complete a “Candidate Qualification” analysis, which is accompanied with their resume when initially presented to our clients. It’s one thing to have a candidate who is qualified, but if they don’t fit well with your company’s culture – we all wasted a lot of time. Better to know upfront…

Are you a retained or contingency search firm?

We are both… For most clients we operate on a contingency model. Other clients require a retained search, and our fees differentiate accordingly. Contact us to learn more.

What are your fees?

Fees are paid by our client companies based on the first years compensation of the candidate placed. Our fee structure ranges between 25-30% depending on the complexity of the search, and whether retained or contingent model.


What happens if the candidate quits or is somehow prevented from doing his or her job?

We offer a solid guarantee to assist you in protecting your investment and mitigating risk. That consists of a 90 day replacement guarantee that covers your “probationary” period if the candidate quits, or is terminated with cause. Fortunately that has happened less than a handful of times out of 1400+ professional placements. We are typically dealing with professionals who don’t make career moves light heartedly.  We are after long-term relationships and pride ourselves on dealing with everyone  on a fair basis, and with the highest level of integrity.